4 Reasons Why You Must Purchase A Pair Of Wooden Sunglasses


Wooden sunglasses are the latest trend, whether they're made of bamboo wood, ebony wood, zebra wood or other kinds of wood. Not only do they protect your eyes with fashion, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint when chosen over plastic sunglasses. Put simply, they're not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly, the perfect choice!


Wooden sunglasses are ideal for all tastes and styles, so here are 4 reasons why you NEED to get your hands on a pair of those for yourself!


models wearing wood sunglasses


1. Wood Sunglasses are Eco-Friendly

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, especially when it’s sustainably sourced! Wood is a unique material that helps tackle climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as reducing new carbon emissions into the air. The production and processing of wooden sunglasses requires much less energy than regular sunglasses made of steel, plastic, acetate or any other material, which as a result, leads to a lower environmental impact. This should be enough reason to replace your plastic sunglasses with a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses. After all, is there a better way to look awesome while helping to save the planet than by wearing a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses?

 environmental friendly sign


2. Wood Sunglasses are Stylish

man and women wearing wood sunglasses

It’s undeniable that wood is a naturally beautiful material that always adds flair and elegance, especially when it’s handcrafted. Whether it’s used to decorate the home with wooden furniture or enhance your outfit with wooden accessories! Without a doubt, wood is a material that can seemingly fit anywhere and with any style. 

The same applies to sunglasses. Whether you decide to go for a casual street style vibe or a sleek, professional look, a pair of wooden sunglasses will always fit your style. With the earthy and neutral accents of wood sunglasses, it’s easy to find a pair that complements your fashion sense for any purpose or occasion!



3. Wood Sunglasses are Durable

Another reason to own a pair of wooden sunglasses is their durability. Wood is a durable material that can withhold long use without degrading or losing quality with time. Most, if not all, sunglasses sold by reputable brands are made from the highest-quality wood for superior strength and durability. The wooden sunglasses are also treated with an additional coating, allowing them to ensure maximum durability and avoid changing appearance over time. If you’re looking to opt for the highest resistance and durability in wood sunglasses, then opt for bamboo wood sunglasses. Bamboo is known for its high strength, in fact, it has greater tensile strength than steel.

bamboo sunglasses case with zebra wood sunglasses inside

4. Wood Sunglasses are One-Of-A-Kind

No two pieces of wood look exactly alike, even if they’re cut from the same tree. Every piece of wood is unique in its grain, colour and texture, making it one-of-a-kind. When handcrafting sunglasses out of wood, every pair of finished wooden sunglasses will always be unique with no other pair looking exactly like it. If you want to rise from mainstream fashion and be unique, a pair of wooden sunglasses is the way to go.

 handcrafting of wood sunglasses


If you haven’t already replaced your old plastic frames for a pair of handcrafted wooden sunglasses, you don’t have anymore reason not to!

It’s an easy choice when you’re making a positive environmental impact with your purchase! A pair of wooden sunglasses is the perfect piece to complement your look and protect your eyes with fashion and sustainability!



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