Our Guide To Match Your Sunglasses With Your Outfit


When accessorizing your look, a pair of sunglasses to compliment your style is a must! If your sunglasses match your outfit and accessories, you’ll be sure to have heads turning wherever you go! Not only do they protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays, but they’re also a versatile accessory that can transform your look completely!

There are many different ways to match your sunglasses with your outfit, so here’s our guide!


1. Matching colours

One of the key aspects you must consider when matching any accessory with your outfit is colour! Make sure that the colour of your sunglasses compliments outfit. It does not necessarily need to be an exact match, but it should be of a complementary pairing, meaning that the colours need to blend in together. If you are wearing an emerald green dress, you can match it with various shades of green hues. That being said, don’t be shy to play around with different colours and let your personal fashion sense guide you!

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2. Use your other accessories as your guide

While matching your sunglasses with your outfit is great, matching them with the accessories you are wearing, such as scarves, headbands, or jewellery, can also be an effective way to create a better look. Choose sunglasses frames of the same colour as the accessory you are wearing to create a fun and attractive look. Brightly coloured lenses and frames that complement your gemstone jewellery can also make a striking fashion statement.


3. Evaluate the look on you

Before making sure that your sunglasses match what you’re wearing, evaluate how that pair looks on you. Are these sunglasses right for your face shape? Do they look good with your hair colour? Etc… If the sunglasses are a good fit on you and their shape and size compliments your facial features, then you’ll be sure to look attractive with them on no matter what you wear!

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4. One or multiple pairs of sunglasses

If you like to play around with style and colours when creating an outfit, then the more sunglasses you have, the easier it is to find something that will always match perfectly! On the other hand, if you prefer to own 1 pair at a time, then make sure to have a classic pair of dark, neutral coloured sunglasses, since it’s easy to match with any colour palette. You can also spice it up with a little bit of beige, navy, or powder blue frames during spring and summer.

The key to creating a stunning look is to not be afraid to make a statement! Have fun and be bold when choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses to accessorize your outfit. You can experiment with different frame colours, shapes and even materials that sunglasses are made of!